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Not only is the fall color in Glacier National Park incredible, autumn also sees the tourism industry mellow out, making it much more enjoyable to experience. Another plus? A severe decrease in mosquitos!


From splattered colors of Aspens, blazing undergrowth of the alpine tundra, and a range of weather types, the Northern Rockies really come alive in the fall. In the past 16 years of shooting there, the middle of September has become my ideal timeframe to visit. I've experienced thunderstorms, moonbows, snowstorms, warm days, and even the Northern Lights in this small window. 


Join me and nature/wildlife photographer, Mrs. Candace Dyar, for 6 days of pointing cameras at trees and mountains... and hopefully Bears, Mountains Goats, and Big Horn Sheep as well! This trip is camping based for our small group, and we'll all be together to share the experience and make new memories. The limit of four guests allows us to travel light, fit into tight spots, more easily chase weather and rapidly changing conditions. 


September 14-19 2024



Local travel to shooting locations

Daily image reviews and processing sessions

As much or as little advice, critique, support, and information as you prefer

Reserved camping

Access to backup cameras, lenses, tripods

Access to backup camping gear if you do not have, forgot, or break something of yours

Snacks and water


Not included:

Flights or travel to Glacier National Park

National Park Passes

Hotels/Housed accomodations



Autumn in Glacier


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