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I'm a chubby man-child from the Seattle, Wa area who points cameras at stuff. I've somehow gotten lucky enough to not work a "real" job for over a decade now and can call myself a Professional Photographer, but "Professional" is a term I use lightly. Please refer to the first sentence for clarification. Unlike many people, I'm not a big-shot award winning photographer. I'm simply a moron with a camera who doesn't enter contests because I don't create images to be competitive... it's just a fun outlet.

My path to photography was as organic as most people's. I received a camera as a gift in 2005 and eventually took it along on my travels at a time in my life that I felt a bit lost. The ensuing interest in creating images gave me a sense of direction that I was lacking in life. Now it's almost two decades later and photography has not only become my career, but what my existence revolves around... for better or worse. A camera has lead me to meeting my wife, my best friends, and also discovering the one true passion in my life that has guided me toward being a better human. And yes, I understand how lame that sounds.

My idea of creating imagery seems to be constantly changing as I evolve as a photographer and I take artistic liberties with the process of making my own style of art, which may not be for everyone. Whether what I do resonates with you or not, I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to check it out. 



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