The Bernard Geraghty Photography Podcast 

Had a great time discussing photography, life, advice for new photographers and a ton of other stuff. Bernard is a great host and we had an awesome conversation. 

The Landscape Photography Show

A very open and honest discussion about what photography has done for me in my life. Thanks to David Johnston for having me on his podcast again for a great conversation! 

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Shuttermonkeys TV

My buddy Miles Morgan and I got together with the legend Ian Plant to basically just make fun of each other for 45 minutes. 

In Conversation with Ryan Dyar

I sat down for a long conversation with the Indian based Xploring Light folks to discuss all sort of things related to photography. Really great guys!


EP9 - We The Creators Podcast

I sat down with Bryan Minear on the We The Creators Podcast and discussed how I got started doing this for a living, some of my inspirations, a couple stories of certain death while shooting (not really) and just generally having a laugh.  You can listen here or on Spotify, Google Play, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. 

26 Ryan Dyar – Professional Photographer & Image Creator

I was recently interviewed on the Pursuit of Purpose Podcast where we discussed how I became a full time photographer, mental health, the pros and cons of social media, and all sorts of other random stuff.  


My good friend Miles Morgan and I were interviewed together about using drones for landscape photography. This was my second time on the B&H Photo Podcast. The hosts of this show couldn't be any more enjoyable to chat with.

Discussing the ethics of landscape photography on the B&H Photo Podcast. Adam Burton starts the discussion. My half of the podcast starts at 39:00. Great guys hosting this podcast!

Always a great time chatting with Nick Page on The Landscape Photography Podcast. This time we discuss the creative process. 

David Thompson, Miles Morgan and myself sit down with Nick Page on The Landscape Photography Podcast to discuss our awkward friendship, share our stories, and have a few laughs. 

Chatting with Matt Payne about all sorts of stuff on the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen Podcast.


Post Processing Tricks with Ryan Dyar (TP EP-36)

A discussion about post processing on the Tripod Podcast.

Sharing the story behind my image 'Above All Else' on the Mission:Pic Podcast. Warning, it involves Coyote urine and fire.

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