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Misty Mountain Hop

June 22nd - July 1st 2021

Tour Leaders: Bryan Pezman, Bruce Omori, Ryan Dyar, and storm forecaster Steve Saviano

Start/End Location: Denver, Colorado
Max group size: 12

Difficulty level: Easy
Price: $3500 per person based on double occupancy lodging. (+$500 for single room occupancy.)
Registration deposit: $500 deposit/person

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Join us for our ALL-STAR storm chase workshop. Our signature chase will be led by international award-winning landscape photographers and celebrated photojournalists Bruce Omori, Ryan Dyar and Bryan Pezman as well as our lead forecaster Steve Saviano.


The end of June provides a beautiful contrast of foregrounds to accent the incredible storms that rumble off the rolling hills of the central great plains. The peak of amazing storms along the Western United States takes center stage during the first week of the summer chase schedule. Our storm chase takes us all over the prairie with tremendous potential from Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming up to South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana as great launching points for our storm seeking adventures.

This tour starts and ends in Denver, CO. Our guests will able to learn how to photograph storms in difficult light and can elect to be educated on finding, tracking, and intercepting each storm with detailed radar programs during our storm chase.

Our unique and specialized tours educate, broaden and refine clients ability to creating beautiful high resolution and detailed imagery of thunderstorms while witnessing the grandness of the prairie skies, green fields and flowers to accent their composition. Will be helping guests in the lab with photoshop editing sessions, teaching weather and compositions in the mornings when possible, and chasing storms in the afternoons during our chase.

In addition to creating photographic memories, our chase offers all levels of learning about the mechanics and science behind these sometimes violent and beautiful weather phenomenons. Our team shows you not just how to chase thunderstorms, but science behind how they are created.


We look forward to spending time with you experiencing the thrill, the adventure and the amazing moments of light, structure and color during these storm chases on the great plains!

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Arrival: Denver, Colorado June 21st 2021 - The day before we start our chase

Departure: Denver, Colorado July 1st 2021

Included: Three professional photo guides, professional meteorologist, all tuition, post processing sessions, education in meteorology, transportation and accommodation in hotels.

Not included: Any travel services required for arriving and departing from the starting location in Denver, Colorado. Any private insurances, taxes, levies, immigration, duty and visa fees. All meals and any personal items including alcoholic beverages, snacks, souvenirs and travel insurance.

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