By popular demand, I finally made a video showcasing my starting approach to processing. I give thorough and detailed information on how I process my RAW files (including exposure work, color work, detail adjustments, etc) in preparation for Photoshop, my simple and easy-to-use technique for focus blending, my straight forward approach to easily blending exposures for dynamic range, and a few other little things I threw in just for fun! 

These things are what I call "putting together the puzzle pieces." Prepping and putting together all the image-files in order to have a great base-image to start more of the artistic processing techniques shown in my other videos. It's over an hour and a half long and packed full of great information!

Run Time: 1hr 35min

*This is a large file. Please ensure a strong internet connection and allow adequate time for download.


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The Collection

-All 8 videos

-11 hours of instruction.

"The value of his lessons far outstrip any new filter, lens, camera, or tripod you might buy in an effort to improve your photography." -Miles Morgan

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