Well, well, well. Look who found it. You must be feeling pretty proud of yourself, you curious little photographer, you. How did you find this hidden page? Did you piece the clues together like some master sleuth? Did you let the energy of my sexy cat guide you here telepathically? That's impressive, congrats on being you. 

Now, on to your prize...even though I think this picture of my cat posing for you should be enough.
Click here and send me a message telling me you "found the sexy cat." The first person to find it gets three free videos, the second person gets two, the third gets one. Please double check to ensure you are giving me your email address correctly. I will reply to get your picks!

Congratulations on becoming one with the "
sexy cat energy" and letting it guide you to the sweet taste of victory... or just to some free videos. 

Thanks for playing along! I'm just hoping to have a little fun with you folks who look at my dumb posts on social media. Keep being awesome!